Cat Owner Resources

Giving Subcutaneous Fluids

If your cat has been diagnosed with kidney disease (feline chronic renal failure or feline CRF) and your vet has talked to you about giving fluids to your cat, we have two resources to help you learn.

Below is a link to a one-page illustrated handout (PDF) with instructions:

How to administer subcutaneous fluids to your cat

Also, a video to help you with the process:

Dr. Frank also recommends the following website if you want to read more about your cat’s condition: Feline CRF Information Center

Cats & Carriers: Friends not Foes

5 helpful steps for cat owners on teaching your cat to be comfortable in a cat-friendly carrier. From the CATalyst Council website.

Wellness Exams for Cats

Also from the CATalyst Council, Roberta Lillich, DVM and 2009 President of the American Association of Feline Practitioners, discusses the importance of wellness exams for cats.