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Why Take my Dog to the Back?

We all feel just a bit nervous when we go to the doctor, don’t we? Even when we know nothing is wrong and it’s just a routine check-up. We may be a little impatient as we’re putting our coat on to leave for the doctor’s office.

Or, we may be distracted and respond to the barista at the coffee drive-through more abruptly than we normally would on our way to the appointment.

Knowing this about people, most vets try very hard to keep the atmosphere in their clinics pleasant and relaxed to put the people and their pets at ease.

Of course, some pets are by nature more relaxed than others while waiting for the doctor. As you can see in the photo, Cali is very chill in the exam room waiting for Dr. Frank, taking the opportunity to catch a few ZZZsss. Jesse on the other hand, is more alert and perhaps a little anxious about the appointment. Which brings us to a question our clients have asked…

Q: Why do you almost always take dogs to the back room for treatments?

Dr. Frank: Dogs are social animals who left on their own will usually live in packs (family-type groups). As those of us with dogs know, your dog is very sensitive to how you and other family members feel and act. In the clinic, our client may be concerned about either what may be wrong with her dog, or how her dog will behave or respond to a treatment.

The dog senses his owner’s anxiety (no matter how slight) and as a result, frequently becomes nervous or protective when treatments are done with the owner present. When the dog (or the owner) is removed from the room, dogs tend to be much more at ease since they do not need to worry about their owner any longer.

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